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Working Together

Timbercraft’s design and production staff works together with architects, designers, builders and developers to create unique timber frame homes and public buildings.

    We encourage you to consult with Timbercraft during the preliminary design phase of your project. An experienced timber frame designer can help you design an efficient, structurally sound timber frame before the architectural plans for your building are fully developed. A consultation with an experienced timber frame designer early in the development phase of your project can avoid redundant design work at a later stage, saving you and your client valuable time and money.

Design Consultation

Timber Frame Fabrication and Installation

Structural Design and Engineering

I'm  After reviewing your plans to determine the scope of the work required to prepare structural timber frame drawings for your project, we will estimate the cost and time that will be required to complete your project. If you have a timber frame design we can provide an estimate of the cost to prepare the fabrication drawings for your timber frame project.


   Timber-frame buildings can be engineered to comply with high wind and snow loading requirements and they can be constructed in all seismic zones.  Timbercraft can provide structural engineering for your timber frame building.


    When the timber frame structural design work is complete, Timbercraft will provide 2D and 3D shop drawings for your review and final approval. At that time you will also receive a price for the fabrication and site installation of the timber frame for your project.




     After the timber frame structural design for your project has been approved by you and stamped by Timbercraft’s engineer you may request a production contact.


   When you order your timber frame, timbers will be ordered from the saw mill and a date for installation will be established. Upon receiving the timbers, frame components are cut and finished using the combined technologies of CNC joinery equipment and handcrafting. Timbercraft’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and quality control procedures assure that timber joinery is cut to exacting standards.

Building Materials


Douglas fir, Oak, Port Orford cedar, and pine timbers are manufactured in a variety of finishes including planed, rough sawn or hand-adzed textures. Timber frame components are finished with natural tongue oil. Pre-stained timber frame components are also available.


Pre-cut Glu-lam trusses are prepared for bolted steel plate joinery. CNC joinery insertion assures the exact placement of steel plate and bolts as well as fast and efficient on-site assembly.





Structural Insulated Panels are frequently used to enclose timber frame buildings. SIPs are energy efficient, quick to install and meet the requirements of the ICBO for fire safety. Exterior window and door openings are pre-cut in the factory and chase ways are provided at regular intervals for electrical wiring and plumbing.